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Contacted Thomas following a drop card through our letterbox as we needed a new fence installed, he responded the same day and after discussing the various options gave me quote, which I accepted. Very quick turnaround, the team were at my property the next day and proceeded with removing the old fences & posts and then over another 2 days installed the new, lots of mess as you would expect but they cleared it all up and removed all the old stuff then left us with a very nice, neatly finished fence. So impressed with the work we discussed the patio and garden path which was in a sad state, Thomas came good again and although this additional work took a lot longer it has now been completed to again a seemingly high standard.

However, sometimes things don’t quite go to plan and we found we had a ‘loose slab’, just the one but annoying none the less. I contacted Thomas to advise and although it took a few attempts for him to squeeze us in he returned with his team and proceeded to replace the loose slab. Currently waiting for another 24 hours to pass before walking on the replaced slab but we have every confidence it will be fine. Would we recommend THM Constructions? Going by the service I have received to date – yes.

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